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        Anna Livermore


        Anna Livermore is the founder and CEO of V. Mora, a fashion consulting firm. She started the company with one goal: to ensure the success of designers by giving them the kind of quality service and insider expertise that they won’t get from anyone else in the fashion industry. V. Mora educates and empowers designers with programs tailor-made to each of their needs. Anna provides her clients with the aptitude and the staff needed to net measurable results and real success.

        Established in 2008, V. Mora is a fashion business and production consulting company that works one on one with independent designers. They offer hands-on help with everything from pattern making to sourcing to production management and marketing. V. Mora is a one-stop-shop for success with a wide range of services and a talented team of experts focused on bringing fashion dreams to life.


        May 28, 2019
        Working with Your Manufacturer
        Miami Fashion Lab
        13:15  -  14:00
        May 29, 2019
        Top Ten Mistakes Designers Make
        Miami Fashion Lab
        14:30  -  15:15
        August 20, 2019
        Building a Profitable Fashion Business
        11:00  -  11:45
        May 25, 2020
        Launching 101 in Today’s Market
        01:00 PM  -  02:00 PM
        May 26, 2020
        Tips For Working With Manufacturers
        01:00 PM  -  02:00 PM
        May 27, 2020
        Top 10 Mistakes Designers Make
        01:00 PM  -  02:00 PM
        May 28, 2020
        Steps To Production
        01:00 PM  -  02:00 PM
        May 29, 2020
        Building A Profitable Fashion Brand
        01:00 PM  -  02:00 PM
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