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        Education ATS


        What began as an educational subset of an international sourcing show has blossomed into a platform that attracts the biggest minds and proactive influencers in the global apparel market. Addressing all aspects of the apparel process from concept to consumer, the ATS Conference Series is your resource for the most up-to-date industry information affecting commerce, brand managment and international trade related to the fashion industry.

        Two Tracks, One Conference

        The ATS Conference Series features two separate tracks, Enterprise Connect and
        Fashion Lab. Each is held on separate stages located on the show floor.
        Learn more about each track below.

        Enterprise Connect

        ATS education
        ATS education

        Enterprise Connect is a focused conference series for industry professionals representing mid to large-scale apparel brands, retailers and service providers. This track covers the most current and relevant topics affecting the government, trade and supply chain sectors of the apparel marketplace. We feature executive-level speakers from government trade organizations such as The United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA), The Canadian Apparel Federation (CAF) along with multi-national apparel conglomerates like Li & Fung and The International Apparel Federation (IAF).

        Supply Chain   |   Sustainability   |   Compliance   |   Trade Policy
        Influencer Marketing   |   Trade Finance   |   Logistics and more...


        ATS education
        ATS education

        Fashion Lab is a specialized, workshop-style educational conference track for smaller-scale apparel companies and start-ups. From creating and launching an apparel company to taking your brand recognition and sales volume to the next level, Fashion Lab speakers teach you the skills and concepts that are crucial to starting, mantaining and scaling a sustainable business.

        eCommerce   |   Retail Technologies   |   Apparel Industry 101   |   Digital Marketing
        Product Development   |   Fashion Law   |   Brand Development and more...

        Miami 2019 Seminar Recap

        Visit the ATS Miami Youtube Channel to see full-length video content from past conferneces featuring keynote presentations and panel discussions.

        Learn More

        Canada 2019 Seminar Recap

        Visit the ATS Canada Youtube Channel to see full-length video content from past conferences featuring keynote presentation and panel discussions.

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        ATS education

        ATS SlideShare

        Visit the ATS SlideShare page to view
        PowerPoint presentations from
        past conferences.

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